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Being Curious, Not Judgemental

Living – a phenomenon exhibited by humans, animals and plants. Biologically, all these organisms exhibit somewhat the same mechanism of living, they are born, they utilize substances in their environment for their growth and eventually, at a certain stage of their life, they die. But what sets humans apart from other organisms? Why do we consider ourselves superior? We are superior because the Creator has made us mentally capable of understanding emotions like love, hatred, fear, jealousy etc. And these emotions affect our relationships with the people in our life. We communicate with people, observe them and judge them. Based on our judgement, we form opinions about people and these opinions play a very important role in forming or destructing our relationship with them. But is our judgement always correct? Can we always be sure of our views about others?

I think being judgemental is a huge responsibility. We often form opinions about others without much thought, usually on mere instinct, sometimes on the basis of origin of birth, colour, religion and personality. When we judge, we don’t love, care or think, all we do is accuse. And accusations hurt, especially when they are not valid. I don’t believe first impression should always be the best impression because circumstances change with time and so do people and such also should be the case with opinions. Opinions should not be rigid. Education teaches us to broaden our narrow minds, learn to accept the unexpected, the eccentric. We should learn to give people a second chance to prove themselves. Moreover, a person should be judged on his behavioural attributes, especially those that manifest themselves in our absence and on interaction with others.

Another totally contradicting thought which my mind has been fiddling with since yesterday is why are people, their actions, objects judged at all? Why are they always graded against a benchmark? Why can’t things be done just for the joy of doing them? Why do we always seek judgement from others in the form of appreciation? Why does acceptance matter so much to us? Why aren’t we just satisfied that God is happy with what we are doing? Is this flaw innate in us or are we conditioned to seek judgement and judge others since birth? So many questions unanswered with nobody who has answers in sight. *SIGH*

Feel free to comment if you have anything close to an answer for any of the questions above. 😛

TIme for me to leave you all to ponder upon my insanity. Until next time of post, goodbye!

P.S: Every line of this post was more of a reminder to myself than to the readers. 😛



Hyderabadi-born, Dubai-raised, a hybrid of introvert and extrovert, walking clown among friends, angry-looking stranger but above all, a LOVER of peace, family, friends, BOOKS and FOOD!

14 thoughts on “Being Curious, Not Judgemental

      1. Hahah! I guess you’re right! Only when we start out day with a positive attitude about ourselves, then we can appreciate the goodness in others because we would be way more happier and less frustrated with life.

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  1. I think people confuse “being judgmental” with having a sense of discrimination.

    The word “discrimination” has positive and negative aspects.

    Discrimination is now primarily associated with the unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things, especially on the grounds of race, age, or sex. This sense of the
    word “discrimination” is often a function of “being judgmental.”

    But there is another sense of the word which means the recognition and understanding of the difference between one thing and another and an ability to discriminate between right and

    This definition of “discrimination” has nothing to do with judgmentalism, but is simply recognition that in the world of ideas and art and human interactions not all things are equal.

    How does a painting by Michelangelo stack up against a painting by Norman Rockwell?

    The “judgment” depends upon whether one knows the difference between graphic art and fine art.

    I think Norman Rockwell is a great graphic artist.

    Michelangelo is one of the greatest fine artists in the history of art.

    Some people might consider that statement elitist and judgmental but it is no different from
    understanding the difference between an innovative neurosurgeon and a good dentist.

    It is true that our experience of life and each other is by necessity subjective which makes us
    prone to forming uninformed opinions.

    A sense of discrimination is a function of the adult mind.

    The danger is in not testing our opinions against the ready pool of information based on objective and measurable criteria to which anyone who can read and has a computer can access..

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    1. Very detailed and interesting analysis on the thin line which differentiates discrimination from being judgmental. Also, ‘the danger is in not testing our opinions against the ready pool of information based on objective and measurable criteria to which anyone who can read and has a computer can access’ – absolutely!

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      1. I cannot say that the media, at least in the United States truly supports free speech.

        If free speech is decadence then it is free.

        If free speech is irresponsible then it is free

        If free speech is crass and dishonest then it is free.

        And if free speech is narcissistically hypersexual, we have the freest press in the world.

        I believe that when we fail to understand that freedom is also an obligation we become slaves to the passion of the moment..from that point of view, the press in the United States is not free and uncensored, because it provides no context for world event and promotes the “free market” lie that our lives are just games with distinct winners and distinct losers.

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      2. Exactly my point. Negative aspects of media arise because of the biased, conspiratorial lies that are manifested to the world as the brutal truth. That in turn sparks a momentum of unhealthy attitudes of people towards certain groups and leads them to resort to crass, vulgar and dishonest ‘free’ speech. And alas, the cycle of ‘being judgmental’ continues so on and so forth. There is an urgent need for people to open their eyes and really research a particular subject before believing what mass media broadcasts about it. There is a need for a ‘renaissance of human ideologies’. A need for a movement that will ultimately help attain world peace.

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      3. It’s always a pleasure to exchange ideas — the goal is to enrich our lives as opposed to imposing a single point of view that we’ve formed in a vacuum… or worse, was formed for us by parents who formed their opinions in a vacuum.

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