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It is just another story about rape….

Barely a day has passed since the 4 suspects of the infamous Delhi rape case were convicted and sentenced to death, another gruesome, if possible, worse rape case has come into light. 20 year old Muslim girl, a Polytechnic student in Hyderabad has been found to be repeatedly raped over the course of a year since she went missing. More details about this heinous act can be found out at the link given below:

20 year old Muslim girl raped in Hyderabad

After reading this, I really do not know what I should feel. Should I feel pity for her? Or anger and disgust for all those involved in the brutality? Or be terrorized by the thought of being a girl born in India. I really do not know. I really am at a loss for words to describe how disgusted and dejected I feel. What is happening in this world? I’ve always grown up believing that Allah has created this world with a balance of everything. If there is night, there always follows a day and similarly where there is evil, it is always definitely balanced by good. But where is the good? All I see around is evil. From the evil animal who raped the girl because she was a Muslim, and the three flat owners who gave him the premises to continue his animosity, and the drunk members of the Police who let him free, to his family who were shockingly pleased at the discovery of their son’s evil endeavors, everywhere I see is pure breeds of monsters disguised as humans. Who is to be blamed? What can be done? If a death sentence cannot scare these soulless bastards, what exactly can?

I think the time has arrived for the construction of a ‘Guantanamo prison’ exclusively for rapists. It is only fair. Why should they be sentenced to such an easy death? If justice has to be served, they should be mutilated and humiliated in the same way as their victims. They should be killed and tortured to death. I do not care if I am being harsh or irrational. All I know is I am hurt, I am terrified and I plea to Allah for Him to cast His Doom on the evil-doers.

The so-called modern world is fast evolving into a dwelling of many such soulless, mindless beings and if something about this is not done soon, one day we will find ourselves awake in hell. Hell for the good, heaven for these works of Satan, so ironic right?

May Allah Bless us and Give us the Guidance to support the right and oppose the wrong. Ameen.