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Dear Readers

It is said that a good writer is always a good reader. By a good reader I do not necessarily mean reading good books, but I mean reading a lot of all sorts of books. However, I hate to admit that over the years, my frequency of reading has deteriorated due to so many other commitments. But I can never hesitate in confessing that when I start daydreaming in the middle of a long and boring report-writing task, I always see myself reading a good book while sipping on a cocktail, sitting in a private garden far away from the city. The reason I am suddenly writing about my passion of reading today is because I just finished  reading ‘The Book Thief’, and the best seller touched me in so many ways. There were a few characters in the book who instilled a sense of humanity and compassion in me and then there was Liesel, the young Communist girl who could not read or write, but became ‘the book thief’. I could relate to her so easily. I could feel the thirst she had  for reading books, the awe and delight she felt when she first saw a library, and how, in times of stress, reading calmed her nerves and inspired her to read for other people. 

I now remember the joy I experienced when my dad bought me my first book, it was Snowhite and the Seven Dwarfs, I think. How I kept re-reading it till I got another set of books. And then of course, how can I forget the magical Harry Potter era when my imagination knew no bounds and I embraced the world of fantasy. 
School is never a student’s heaven, but I remember loving it once a week when we could visit the school library and borrow a book each week and return it the next week. I can still feel the pleasure of brushing through rows and rows of books trying to find the best one to read. During my middle school, I had become addicted to the Goosebumps series which were written by R.L. Stine. Curling under my blanket at night, with ‘The Headless Ghost’ in hand, I used to enjoy the shivers that used to run down my spine. 
By the time I passed out of school, I had become a more mature reader, having read the likes of books such as Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mocking Bird, Diary of Anne Frank, and the list goes on. 
 Each book I have read makes me marvel at the power of words and the unique beauty with which each author strings them together. Each book opens up with it a new world of possibilities and brings with it a ray of hope. Every book I read inspires me to write. Read. Write again. And as such the cycle shall go on until the day my soul departs from this world, because every life has a story and every story wants to be heard.

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There is a word in the Urdu language, called ‘Wafa‘. It’s literal meaning in the English language being loyalty. This morning my mother was completing her writing assignment and she asked me for my help in giving a concise definition of ‘wafa‘. I pondered for a few minutes and at last concluded that displaying wafa is simply fulfilling the trust one has upon you, regardless of any circumstance.

As easy as it might be to define wafa, it is hard to receive or reciprocate it.  My personal observations force upon me the impression that one cannot be truly loyal to even the most loved person in this world. Lying to our parents time and again, indulging in those hot and spicy, yet mindless gossips about our so-called friends , betraying a true lover because of a ‘mistake’ are just few instances of any individual’s life when they are not wafadaar or loyal. Leaving aside occupants of the same race, it’s even more disappointing that we are not even loyal to our Creator. This happens so because eventually loyalty to oneself, loyalty to one’s own desires overshadows all other expected loyalties. Selfish as we naturally are and easily weakened under influence, we have the saddening tendency to heartlessly break somebody’s trust. Our guilty conscience keeps sleeping till it is aroused by pain that overcomes us when our expectations of loyalty from someone else meet a similar fate. 
I believe that if all of us pledge a lifetime of pure loyalty to at least a single person throughout our lifetime, we would leave this world with a lighter and happier soul. We would be someone’s unsung hero. 

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The real test begins…

I didn’t wake up on the wrong side of my bed. I didn’t have an argument with anyone special to me. I have a perfectly reasonable normal life Alhamdulillah. Yet I burst out crying today surprising my intern mates. One of my best friends told me that she was planning to give the GREs because she might be pursuing Masters in the US.  After that my energy visibly went down and I stopped talking to everyone around me. I don’t know what really provoked me to do something like that. I cannot figure out what upset me more. The fact that college is coming to an end and my close friends are going away from me, or the fact that I still cannot figure out what I have to do in life. I guess it was a combined effect of my disappointment with myself, my frustration with my life and the sad realization that I would miss my friends heartily.
For a long time in fact, I have been meaning to write a piece summing up the 4 years of my college life but I have been delaying it since the idea struck me. I just don’t want to face the reality that it’s almost over. A month more and my internship would get done with and I need not step into those dreaded classrooms again. I would have no reason to hide from the faculty, peep into classes trying to catch the attention of my friends, bunking college and enjoying probably the best moments of my life, singing and screaming in my friend’s high speeding Ford. I would no longer have to stay awake late nights studying for some accursed examination or writing some long piece of assignment detailing the use of biosensors (like anybody cares).
There is simply so much I am going to leave behind.  The cheap biryani of the canteen, the inter-college dance festivals, sunbathing on the library steps during the chilly winters, long walks with friends circling the college, gossiping over a cup of coffee, and not to forget, endless hours of laughter imitating some faculty or playing pranks on some fellow classmate.
These 4 years have truly educated me on life, its betrayals, a few lasting friendships, love, heartbreak and falling in love all over again, most importantly with myself.  I can go on and on but can never express how priceless my times in college were. 
Alas, the real test now begins.
Signing off for now.