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In an ordinary locality of Hyderabad, one of the fastest growing cities of India, lives a not-so-ordinary soul in the form of a man called Azhar. The story of what this man does was showcased on  Zee News ( one of India’s popular news channels) and it was truly an inspiring and touching one. I had to share this one with you all and have uploaded the video for your convenience. Unfortunately the video is in Hindi so I shall be the reporter here for the English-speaking community. Basically, this man is the hero of around 150 hunger-struck individuals. What started as a small-sized initiative 1176 days ago has impacted 150 (and growing) lives of people who are fed daily by Azhar. An owner of a small shop that trades in Plaster of Paris, located in the Old city of Hyderabad, Azhar is a man with a big heart. He says that the hardships that he had faced in his growing years helps him in relating to the needs of the people he serves. He once saw an old lady who was a beggar without legs, impoverished and needy. He was so moved by the sight that he bought her food and prayed to his Almighty for just one thing: that if there was any good he could do in the world, he wanted to be able to feed the hungry. It was this single incident that was enough to inspire in him a momentum of strong will power and honest intention. A classic example of ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, a determined Azhar set down to achieve his mission. He had decided not to ask anyone for help because he was confident that his intention would be recognised by Allah and that if need be, help would also be provided from Allah alone. He and his wife used to buy and cook rice and lentils for the beggars around the area. Surely, his utmost faith and shear determination has paid off and today he receives funds that help his initiatives grow. Apart from this, he has also set up free medical facilities for the destitute and free tuition facilities for those in need. When asked how he manages all these initiatives financially, he replied that it was just his intention and God’s doing all the way.

Azhar is truly a modern-day epitome of selflessness and purity of heart and a profound inspiration for all.



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