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Is the hijab a feminist statement?

It was a good read. To answer the question whether hijab is, in fact a feminist statement or not, well at the end of the day, it all comes down to an individual’s perspectives. But I do strongly agree with the point that wearing a hijab renders the woman with more responsibility in terms of their actions in public. The society scrutinizes each detail of the Hijabi, waiting to catch hold of the moment they cross the line of the Sharia.

To conclude, I’d just say: deen should be a matter between Allah and His slave alone. We should refrain from judging people based on their outward appearances. Yea, Hijab is a commandment of Allah, but a non-Hijabi who prays 5 times a day would be more closer to Allah in faith than a Hijabi.


I don’t know about you all, but I’m getting rather bored of the I-love-my-hijab sentiments now. It means, unfortunately, you have to put up with my lengthy rants.

The Guardian (who else) recently posted a video in which Hanna Yusuf asks, in a tone usually reserved for naughty schoolchildren, “why a simple piece of clothing is seen as the very epitome of oppression.”

She goes on to say that “many women find empowerment in rejecting the idea that women can be reduced to their sexual allure – and we should not assume that every women who wears the hijab has been forced into it.”

I was not aware there was so much outrage against the hijab. In this country, where the (visible) Muslim population has grown, the headscarf is not really that controversial, as opposed to the full face veil – niqab – which is seen even by many Muslims…

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3 thoughts on “Is the hijab a feminist statement?

  1. I wear the hijab, I am a feminist too. I am 19 years old.

    The word hijab means “shield”. For me, it’s shielding myself from evil, nutty men.

    I don’t agree with women who says Hijab is feminist. I think hijab is a NEUTRAL, INNOCENT entity for protection. Why attach extra things to it like it makes you less of a property? Our body, covered or not, is never a property.

    I disagree with Hanna, but yes I am a hijabi and a feminist at the same time. But not the kind of hijabi feminist Hanna may be 😮

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