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Reflections from nature

My mother has a special affinity towards flora and fauna. In favourable circumstances, she would have owned a large nursey that would be home to lovely roses, large tulips, shy touch-me-nots, white jasmines and what not. She would have also allowed parrots pigeons, sparrows and mynas to perch on the trees of her garden and rest after a labourous day. The mynas and sparrows would have sung while the pigeons and parrots would have gossiped and debated on world issues. 

I say this looking at my mother’s tiny pots of green in our balcony. She recently bought a pot of roses and a few Plumerias. At the beginning of summer she realized the difficulty neighboring birds would face subsequently upon rising temperatures and  she organized a topless wooden container which she refills on a daily basis with bird feed. This is accompanied by a tank of water. Since then, our balcony has become the hot spot for 20-30 birds a day who come in 2s and 3s for a meal and some shade from the harsh environment in another box in another section of the balcony. A latest development in our balcony is the beginning of the creation of a nest. This particular brown myna is about to become a mother and she has started building a shelter for her eggs. She actually lost an egg by laying it in one of our flower pots and that episode has taught her better. So now we see her appearing many times throughout the day clutching long twigs in her yellow beak and placing them in the comparatively quieter section of the balcony.




If we reflect on this simple act a bit deeper we can learn so much. I didn’t but my mother did and I am just sharing her reflections with you all. This tiny being works so hard to shelter her eggs by making a nest twig by twig. She doesn’t care about how hot the weather is and she doesn’t find the need to take anybody’s help in  doing the task. If she would have begun to think along the same lines as some humans, she also would have enjoyed her life, probably migrated to a cooler country and have the best time of her life. But she chose to fight  her circumstances and create a family against all odds. So she hunts for the perfect twig of the right shape and size that would fit the incomplete  puzzle lying in the box. She would lay her eggs which would hatch someday and then she would nurture her young ones and teach them about life. She would teach them to eat, walk and talk. Then upon arrival of the right time, she would teach them to fly. She would impart the greatest skill of her life. One fine day, she would let go. She knows how essential and significant freedom is and she knows that everyone is entitled to it, including the kids she labored on. And she would move on, not expecting one bit in return from her kids. If only the most intelligent beings on planet could perceive things the way birds do, so many lives would have been happier.

Each organism of our ecosystem has a lesson to teach us, only if we gain the right perspective.   




Hyderabadi-born, Dubai-raised, a hybrid of introvert and extrovert, walking clown among friends, angry-looking stranger but above all, a LOVER of peace, family, friends, BOOKS and FOOD!

5 thoughts on “Reflections from nature

  1. Wow ! I am left wondering at the lessons We can learn from the hard work of the little bird trying to build a shelter for its eggs.

    Kudos to you and your mum for giving them shelter, food, water and lots of love…

    May I know you are in which part of the world ?

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