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loved every word, from the beginning to the end!!!! Must-read!!!!


We had a huge field of coconut trees in front of our house, every evening the sun would play peekaboo with us and hide behind the leaves only to reappear a few seconds later, as a child that’s how Baba got me to eat every day, he would say that with every morsel I take the sun would come out, and when it did I would squeal in delight, and give him the knowing look which meant ‘See, I control the sun’.

We lived in a tiny one-storied house, we had grape creepers and peach bougainvillea’s growing around the front door, which opened to a reasonably decent sized living room, with two bedrooms on the left, the one on the right was occupied by my aunt and a kitchen. When Baba went to work, my aunt would take over the house, she’d do all the household chores while keeping an…

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Hyderabadi-born, Dubai-raised, a hybrid of introvert and extrovert, walking clown among friends, angry-looking stranger but above all, a LOVER of peace, family, friends, BOOKS and FOOD!

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