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What surrounds us affects us

It is a known fact that the environment around us greatly influences us. It can positively or negatively affect our growth as an individual. This is the easiest explanation as to why tulips are not found in deserts and cactus are not seen in dense greenery. Some cultures also place great emphasis on the interiors of their houses or offices by applying rules of Feng shui ( Chinese) or Vastu Shastra (Hindu) and such. I always used to think that these are just money minting strategies. And I still don’t really know how effective they are but I truly am experiencing the negativity of a particular environment I am exposed to 5 days a week- that of my workplace. 

Sitting in a closed cubicle, on a chair compromising ideal ergonomic conditions, I have begun to hate coming to this place now. An active and jolly person like me becomes a drousy and lazy employee as soon as I enter this room. Ofcourse I can immediately point out the problems this place has. The complete absence  of sunlight and ventilation is a major factor in making the air of this place unhealthy. Everyone keeps complaining but to no avail. I actually feel like changing my job now because I really feel this kind of place and working style will kill my creativity and thinking process. 

The other day I took a break from the routine and went to the beach with my family. And when I felt the cool water slip under my toes, tickling and teasing my feet, I felt a joy I had long forgotten. I suddenly remembered how I used to come to the same beach as a kid, how I learnt my first lessons of swimming here (I still haven’t mastered the sport), how I used to search the beach for different types of seashells  and how I used to be fascinated by the slight dizzying illusion that I am moving  when the wave used to hit my feet and draw back. I used to stand there for many more crashes of waves just to see how much I had moved ahead. 

The few hours at the beach were refreshing. All of us were quiet most of the time. Apart from the munching sounds of the samosas we were snacking on, we could just hear the waves and the distant sound of kids playing somewhere around the area. We left when the sun bid us goodbye for the day and the sky changed its colours, preparing to accommodate the moon. 




Hyderabadi-born, Dubai-raised, a hybrid of introvert and extrovert, walking clown among friends, angry-looking stranger but above all, a LOVER of peace, family, friends, BOOKS and FOOD!

11 thoughts on “What surrounds us affects us

  1. Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

    I do agree with your concern about work environment. It is true even for classrooms where students are dumped with hardly any space to walk around. And the atmosphere is suffocating!

    One thing I would like to pinpoint is, as far as I know, this Vaastu or Feng is basically about Fortune/Good Luck/Avoiding Bad Omen etc. which are matters of superstition.

    What you are talking is about making the surrounding atmosphere convenient, comfortable and pleasant to work in.

    Your concern is natural and not comparable to any superstitious concepts.

    Thank you.

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