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Change is mandatory

Yes, I know I have been away for too long. But what to do? For me to blog well, change is mandatory. The past few (long) days were spent in feeling like I am stuck in a black hole. Where time is supposed to stop/freeze. It was one of those phases of life when one feels, how much more to go? When will I feel happier? When will things change? When will my life get a breakthrough moment, one of contentment, if not glory? 

But yesterday I realized that to feel better and reinvigorated, even a small break in one’s usual routine can do wonders. And this struck me when I was experiencing my first ride on a Jet Ski, while on a day trip with my college gang.  At first, I was apprehensive about riding one, considering the fact that I really haven’t mastered swimming and I would most likely drown in an emergency. But my friends encouraged me to go on and have faith in the jacket I was wearing and the bored life guard stationed near the shores. 

Going for it was the best decision I made in days and this struck me when I was literally  in the middle of the sea, breathing in the salty air, zooming against the crashing waves with the wind slapping my face. That was my moment of exhilaration after days that felt like months. That was my moment of rejoice, which I am so grateful to Allah for. 

Hoping days ahead have more to offer. Until next time, take care and get a break, you deserve it.  




Hyderabadi-born, Dubai-raised, a hybrid of introvert and extrovert, walking clown among friends, angry-looking stranger but above all, a LOVER of peace, family, friends, BOOKS and FOOD!

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