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Law of attraction 

I remember I was in the 8th grade of school when I first came across the philosophy of ‘Law of Attraction’, and by this I am not referring to the physics behind the attraction of opposite poles of a magnet, it has more relevance to the idea that one achieves what one believes in. I can still replay the scene in my mind’s eye when my curly-haired, tall and skinny, English teacher was giving the class a dose of philosophy that was centered around the belief that our thoughts somehow play an important role in what we achieve. Negative thoughts generate an aura of negative energy around us that leads to failure while optimism uses its positive energy to lead us to success. It was quite a simple fact to accept at that stage of life but as I grew older, I found myself questioning the ideology, especially when I or any of my loved ones went through trying times.

Today yet again, I found this question pricking my brain cells and  I felt that maybe writing it down would help me read and understand my thoughts better. 

During my few minutes of solitude in the rest room, I was struck with facts of realisation. The process began when I started thinking of things I wanted to happen to me in life, dreams I worked for, some I didn’t work for but wanted to happen all the same and some that I am still struggling to fulfil, no matter how uncertain may their victory be. It dawned upon me that how perfectly timed my life’s situations were, how each adversity has its own part to play and how it actually ended up enriching my final reward. I realized that if I would have gotten what I wanted the way I wanted to, it would present possible difficulties later. Most importantly, I remember how I never gave up on those dreams no matter big or small they were. There were situations I couldn’t  do anything about but I realized how that tiny shred of hope within me gave me the patience to wait and the will to keep trying. So I guess now that it might have been law of attraction in motion all along huh? 

For instance, at the beginning of 2015, I had decided that I would travel to someplace new this year. The idea was going on strong for the first half of the year and I went around convincing my family for a trip to Singapore. Stuff happened and I let the idea drop. I just thought that it will happen when it has to. And so it will. On the 20th of November. Yes, I am flying to Singapore for a family trip! Woohooo!! 

So yes, back to the law. The only thing certain about life is that it’s going to change. It’s inspiring and uplifting  to know that the change can be a positive one if we believe it would be. Have faith everyone, it can work wonders. 





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