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A galaxy in my mind

My mind is bustling with thoughts. I can almost feel them jumping around like a bunch of sad M&Ms, restless and hopeless, trying to find a way to sanity but hitting against the cell walls for the gazillionth time and going back to where they started from. I thought I will write once they settle down but that doesn’t seem possible. So here I am, writing again to provide a direction for these to flow, for them to attain an identity. Sanity.

Betrayal. Not by someone, but your own dreams, your own plans for life. That is something that can be really testing. I feel there is no point to blame someone for a particular situation you are in because after all, it was all my own doing. I took my own risks, scored by priorities, chased after some while turning a careless eye towards the others. Now if someone who always thought I was their number 1 priority, decides that I no longer am one, how can I complain? Isn’t that a basic civil right? But my question is, who is to be blamed? No answers.

Respect. This is something integral to every relationship. More than love. But how many of us value it? How many of us give respect and take respect in our relationships? Most often, it is one concept of any relationship that is always taken for granted. We think that if someone loves us, they should understand why we behave the awful way we do. NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! Would you understand it if someone threw a bucket of shit on you and told you that it is okay because they love you anyways? Then why do people expect that it would be fine if they do it with someone else? No answers.

Courage. Not to fight but to love. Love no matter what comes your way. When the flowers wither, and there is drought all around, love like its spring. When the body is cold and the soul floats above, love like its life. That kind of courage. Is it then, love, if it lacks valiance? No answers.

Perseverance. How long should it take to attain peace, to be content, to smile with the same warmth and to regain all that was lost? How long will it take for my kingdom to bloom again? How much worth of patience do I need to inhale and exhale before I reach a golden eternity? No answers.

Kindness. That should never fade. Whether you are repaid for it or not. Whether its valued as a gem or a jest. Because if that’s lost, would our spirit exist? Pfft, like it matters to anybody these days. Or does it? No answers.