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Back to School!

It’s Sunday and unlike most countries around the world, this day marks the beginning of the week in U.A.E. So the last two days were weekend, and the popular topic of discussion in my family was ‘BACK TO SCHOOL’! My siblings start school today and the weekend was utilized in buying stationery, school bags and uniforms for them. When I went to the mall, I realized how much difference there is between my school days and my siblings’ time.

Thanks to excessive marketing and advertising, going back to school has become another reason to go on a shopping spree. School shopping was a necessity back in the late 90s and the past decade. It has now become more of a trend, another asset to flaunt. The concept of branding has influenced adults so much that even kids like my 9-year old sister want a ‘Hello Kitty’ than an ordinary pink-colored bag. Would you believe it when I say that we spent 4 hours at the mall to buy these goodies for 3 of my siblings? The place was sickeningly crowded and all around me, I could see innovative school merchandise. ‘The Avengers’, ‘Hellboy’, ‘Captain America’ bags, tiffins, water bottles, stationery for young, naughty boys and Cinderellas and Hello Kitties for the chirpy and excited girls. There were bright colored, beautifully designed notebooks that make you feel like writing all the time. There were cute pens, pencils and pouches that made me consider buying them just because they are cute. Deep down, I was actually harboring a bit of an envy. I was almost irritated that I didn’t get to choose from this much of a variety when I was a kid.

Envy aside, I also felt nostalgia hit me really bad as I realized I missed my school days. School was a place I loved, even when I was a kid. I remember that my friends would hate the thought of going back to school after vacations, but I actually used to count down the days when I would go back to school and read new stories in English class, visit the school library, eat the mini pizzas from the canteen and play dodge ball with friends in break and P.E. I loved (still do, as a matter of fact) the smell of new books and I always promised myself at the beginning of the year that I would write in them neatly (handwriting has been an issue for me all my life) and maintain my books really well. Promises would break but my love for going to school never faded. I am working as a full-time employee now and am at the brink of my career, but part of me misses the school and college days. Part of me thirsts to be back in a class, learn something new and make up for the time my teen ignorant self so foolishly wasted. I also miss how carefree I was back then. I was known as the ‘joker’ of my class in school. I had a weird habit those days that whenever I used to be scolded by a teacher or fall in any kind of trouble, I always felt like laughing. It was like an immune response. I was immune to scoldings and lectures. I never felt really bad, although I did feel embarrassed. But I always took comments from others in a positive way. I can’t say whether I really worked on my weaknesses but I never used to maintain an enmity or emotions like hatred towards anyone, teacher or student. I still try to maintain this habit in my daily life, but being a kid is simply less complicated I guess. The adult mind does not think so simply, it has a whole lot of influencing factors.

Another part of my brain is haunted by memories of a particular teacher of Mathematics I was taught by in Grade 6. She was evil and made my life hell for a year. I remember her curly hair adorning her face that always had a sarcastic smile on; I remember her soft, threatening voice, cold and terrifying and I still feel the chills down my spine and I ask myself, ‘do I want to experience that again?’ Haha, I guess not. Definitely not.

So, I come back to reality, thank God for wherever I am right now, and complete this post and get back to work.

My school, Our Own English High School, Dubai
My school, Our Own English High School, Dubai
My favorite place in the school- Library!!!
My class photograph of Grade-8.
My class photograph of Grade-8.


Hyderabadi-born, Dubai-raised, a hybrid of introvert and extrovert, walking clown among friends, angry-looking stranger but above all, a LOVER of peace, family, friends, BOOKS and FOOD!

21 thoughts on “Back to School!

  1. I had to laugh when I read about you promising to yourself to write neatly in all your school books at the start of the year. I did this every year and by week 3 I would be back to my lazy scrawl. My handwriting is still dreadful to this day! Lovely post x

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  2. Your comment on your Maths teacher made me reflect how teachers make or mar his/her student’s thinking. I agree, some teachers due to their attitude, bring a bad name to the noble profession!

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  3. Such a wonderful post! Thank you for sharing as I began remembering my school days. Now my son is in 8th grade and here in the U.S. specifically Tennessee all public schools have uniforms. It’s suppose to help with bullying and better focus in class and not what name brand your wearing. However, it might be easier to get ready for school but parents now must buy 2 sets of clothing, school and after school outfits, making it very stressing for some financially. Anyways, really great writing and loved your photos.

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    1. Hi Jen! Pleased to know that you enjoyed the post! Well, that’s a great move taken by the government. Having studied in the UAE, I was astounded when I came to know once that schools in U.S don’t really follow the uniform system. School is where children are taught about equality and what better way there is to begin than this. 🙂

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      1. I think it was a great move too. It is only middle and high schools but not elementary yet. It was initiated around 1996 when I started 10th grade and I actually was happy about it because my 1st day of high school (9th grade) was horrible because the 1st words said to me after entering the school was from a 12th grade boy about my bottom! I was embarrassed and humiliated to say the least.

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      2. True, I can laugh about it now, 😂! I even started thinking back about all the clicks in school, jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, etc., but the one I couldn’t stand was the “GAP” click who only shopped at the Gap. I remember telling them that you might have name brand clothes but I bet my clothes are just as cute and have twice as many outfits as you do. LOL! I loved shopping at TARGET and JcPenny’s.


  4. I kinda hated my school days :/ I’ve always been this introvert, keep-to-myself kinda girl, so I never got to make friends. But yeah what I loved the most was learning (books have always been my best friend). I was the favorite of every single teacher there, so obviously because of that I was the target of a LOT of bullying. By girls, boys, both. Sooo yeah that sucked.

    As for the teacher you just mentioned; what the hell is the problem with mathematics teachers? I had a few horrifying experiences with mine (I was good at everything EXCEPT math) so she used to punish me for getting bad grades by slapping my hands with a steel scale :/ I still hate her to this day!

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    1. Oh yeah, our Asian schools (especially Indian and Pakistani) teachers believe in the idea of physical punishments to teach students a lesson. However they fail to understand what a huge negative impact they are imparting to the developing child’s personality. There are fortunate kids who take it well, but there are also many unfortunate students who let this affect them very badly, it destroys their self-esteem. They hate coming to school. That’s really sad. I like the idea of detentions better which is still not practiced in this part of the world.

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