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Memories. Sigh, they can be joyful and precious, or painful and not worth a dime. And the worst trait of the latter kinds are that no matter how hard we try, they can just never be forgotten. We always forget the happier moments of life whenever we are faced with a tragedy. Whats worse is one tragedy has the power to flood our mind with all the other tragedies that have occurred in the past. And then starts the trip down the memory lane. A harsh, rugged lane, with very few highs and many more lows. I travelled down a similar memory lane last night and I suddenly recollected the poem I had written a few months ago. So I just thought I’ll share it with you all. There is nothing more I will say today because I need some time to gather my emotions. Hope you all like the poem! 🙂

They’ve all drowned..
All the feelings my heart crowned…
Love was the first to sink in…
Trust got destroyed by hateful sin.
Hope was all that was left
It filled up the space left by the rest
But alas, the storm grew stronger
And the monstrous waves crushed it all over
Hope tried to hold on..
But the force was too strong..
It tried to find a way
To prolong the stay..
But the storm didn’t cease
And destructed all peace.
All sense has fled my mind..
Emptiness…. is what’s left behind…..