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Mrs.Funnybones and her insight

While some people find solace in music, some others  in chocolate, or even smoking, I find myself in tranquility when I read. It simply clears my mind of all my internal battles and conflicts. 

I was reading this book ‘Mrs.Funnybones’ by ‘Twinkle Khanna’ recently. The author was previously a Bollywood actress and currently an interior designer and wife of one of Bollywood’s popular stars of current times, Akshay Kumar. Until recently, I didn’t even know that she writes and has a monthly column in Times of India. Somehow, I came across this book and boy, I am so happy by my discovery. Her writing is so fresh and vivid. The humor it exudes has just the right balance of depravity and morality. Humor aside, I could connect with her observations of this funny world, it’s lies, deception, and superficiality. 

The whole book subtly offers wisdom to those who seek for it but the lines below made a remarkable impact on me. An impact that propelled me to write this post.

Although I shamelessly wish if Twinkle could also let me know how to distinguish a situation’s worth to decide whether one should keep trying or holding on. I wish I could buy a device (or use my engineering tools and invent one 😜) which could measure a task or situation and decide when it is time to let go. Isn’t that the toughest deal? To know when something/someone is not worth the effort anymore. Following one’s heart can be tricky because at one point, it becomes difficult to comprehend the difference between deep faith and raw intution. 

The future will always remain a mystery but the path we tread on is a consequence of our choice(s). Our choice(s) between trying, giving up and letting go.